Discover Radio Launches! Discover Discover is a new radio station dedicated to and influenced by The user-generated charts: Top Tracks/Artists, Hyped Tracks/Artists and Loved Tracks from will be used to determine the songs and artist-driven content featured on Discover. Performances and Interviews from studios in New York, San Francisco and London will be featured regularly. The Discover staff will guide you through new music, shouts (user comments), events, recommendations and news.
Features Recommends with Bryan VanGelder. Bryan is a staffer who at 23 years of age, has already logged in seven years of radio experience. He is perfect in this space! Hear Bryan play the top songs from and follow that up with two songs that recommends based on the first song played. Recommends is featured throughout the day, in 15 minute sets (3 songs), every other hour at the top of the hour. Refreshed weekly. Discovers with Sat Bisla. Join Sat Bisla, an industry veteran and a champion of new music as he introduces us to the hottest new songs burning up Discovers is featured throughout the day, in ten minute sets (2 songs), every other hour at the top of the hour. Refreshed weekly.

Live performances/interviews: Featuring performances from the hottest singers and bands recorded in the studios in New York. Featured throughout the day, produced vignettes from our veteran producer, Evan Levy, featuring band commentary on a song, followed by a performance of the same song. 10 spins per day (average). Refreshed on an ongoing basis. Once songs are featured, they will stay in the mix as a live track.

Special guests for launch: MUSE

Shouts: staffer Jenn Rivera guides us through some of the most interesting shouts left by the faithful and then plays the song they are shouting about. Jenn has one of the best and most natural deliveries I've heard. Averages 8 shouts per day. Refreshed weekly.

Imaging/promos: Produced by Rich Boerner/Rob Frazier out of Los Angeles, their production style is well-produced and terrestrial quality, which gives our 'internet' station a nice boost and adds a credibility. Promos refreshed weekly for HD, AOL, Streaming. Imaging refreshed monthly.

News: 5-10 music/entertainment spots, averaging 30 seconds, will be rotated every 3 hours and will be refreshed weekly.
Other Voice Talent

Jerry Rubino: Music industry veteran and programming expert. Extremely knowledgeable and shares an insider's view without sounding too cool for the room. Refreshed weekly. Averages 12 voice tracks per day.

Zach Macko: An experienced musician and lover of all things music. Zach comes across like a user putting in his two cents, which makes him a perfect fit for this station. Refreshed weekly. Averages 8 voice tracks per day.

Danni: An experienced radio personality who picked up the vibe right away and ran with it. Danni is also the voice of our new pieces. Refreshed weekly. Averages 12 voice tracks per day.

Seth Neiman: Serving as PD for Discover, another industry veteran and experienced music programmer. Averages 8 voice tracks per day.

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