MootPOINT Episode 6

Well Hey, been a while huh? Apologies for that but I'm sure no one is waiting by their itunes for this show to download right? Amidst special projects at work, jury duty (which I don't care what anyone says...SUCKS) and oh yeah, PAT GOT MARRIED! :-D The ol' MootPOINT got away from us. Here actually is a bit of a throwback...following up our guest host, Alex Eppolito's in depth look at the bad news with a glance at the positive! Focusing on the early-on results from stimulus package efforts and the effects they have on many tiers of radio industry; especially those in the online avenue.

On that note, here are some interesting figures generated by Fredonia Alum and MootGuest:

The latest study by Arbitron and Edison Research shows continued growth in usage and ownership of various forms of digital audio platforms, including online radio, iPod/MP3 players, and podcasting. The weekly online radio audience increased significantly in the past year to 17% of the U.S. population age 12 and older; up from 13% in 2008. On a weekly basis, online radio reaches 20% of 25-to-54 year-olds; up from 15% in 2008.

Bill Rose, senior vice president of marketing, Arbitron Inc., says "The sharp growth in weekly usage of Online radio... provides compelling evidence that radio's digital platforms may be reaching critical mass. We are... seeing encoded streams of AM/FM broadcasts with significant audience in local markets."

Key findings from The Infinite Dial 2009: Radio's Digital Platforms, include:

More than one in five radio listeners (21%) say AM/FM radio has a big impact on their lives; ranking second only to owners of the Apple iPhone in particular (23%) and cell phone owners in general (47%) as the audio platform/device that has a big impact on people's lives.

Online radio listeners are more likely to be upscale, well-educated and employed full time;

54% of weekly online radio listeners are employed full-time (compared to 43% among persons 12 and older);
16% of weekly online radio listeners live in homes with an annual income greater than $100,000 (vs. 10% among persons 12 and older);
37% of weekly online radio listeners have a college degree or higher education level (vs. 29% among persons 12 and older).
Weekly online video viewing among persons age 12 and older is up significantly in the past year, from 18% in 2008 to 27% (approximately 69 million) in 2009.

34% of persons age 12 and older report having a profile on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or any other social networking Web site, up from 24% in 2008
63% of teens age 12-to-17 report having a profile on these social networking sites
64% 18-to-24 year-olds have a profile on these social networking sites.
iPod/portable MP3 player ownership and iPod use continues to grow dramatically.

42% of persons age 12 and older own an iPod or other brand of portable MP3 player
64% of 18-to-24 year-olds own a digital audio player
32% of teens age 12-to-17 and persons 18-to-24 are spending less time with over-the-air radio specifically due to time spent with iPod/other portable MP3 players
22% of Americans age 12 and older have ever listened to an audio podcast
11% (27 million) reported having listened to an audio podcast in the past month in 2009
Tom Webster, vice president of strategy and marketing, Edison Research, concludes that "... consumer use of new digital platforms... is becoming nearly ubiquitous... a window of opportunity for radio to... spread its content across the expanding choices consumers use to control their media experience."

We will hear more from him in the near future

Also, here is some big news!
Internet radio sites and music industry reach agreement over royalties

As per usual we consider the repercussions of new jobs as well as the potentiality for synergy of departments that COULD come with the reinvigoration of the field.

Here is a question for you: Social media technology speed and development...Pat thinks it will slow down or level off but what do you think?

Personally, I think the concept of twitter is synonymous with the principal of all things radio...

Tune in to find out more and thanks for stickin with The MootPOINT!