MootPOINT Episode 5

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In this edition we take an in depth look at the bad-news. This meaning we divert from our original path to vent about layoffs, inter-department warfare (sales vs programming), and the downside of consolidation. The big question at hand of course is 'Who is the villain and who is the victim?' in all of this noise...or are there any TRUE villains? What do you think?

We are watchin' the big boys like Clear Channel, XM/Sirius, and Westwood One go down in flames and while its somewhat delicious to see, it is of course a double edged sword as we will see more unemployment and greater competition which only furhter hinders our chances of reviving the industry...however we DO concoct some interest end result theories!

Fighting to save Sirius/XM

We mentioned the Early Bird Radio Blog last time but here is further incentive to check him out!

That is the final dose of his regular program for the season, but he will be back in the fall with greater antics. Until then you can go to his blog and scoop past podcasts (full episodes) and more video-shots as well! AND from here on out all of his off-season operations blog posts will syndicate into the blog roll down below along with other accomplices of mine such as John Gorman and his Media Blog; Jon Nungesser whom is a promising and talented recent graduate about to break into the world of broadcast with his Vintage Radio Blog; and Professor Elmer Ploetz and his Jour de Fred journalism ..uh..journal! They definitely deserve your attention!

Finally here is a few links to some internship opportunities and broadcast schools I have churned up. Hope they help!

Career stimulus

Bad news for graduates

Braodcast School

Also, this is very inspiring: (thanks to Jon Nungesser for the find)

MootTUNE: 'Walking on a Dream' by Empire of the Sun