MPR's In the Loop

I must say I am a huge fan of the program 'In the Loop' from Minnesota Public Radio - NewsQ ( Hosted by Jeff Horwich and Produced by Sanden Totten, it exemplifies just about everything I love and want to accomplish with Digital Media... in fact I model most of what I do here on the MootPOINT after them (on a much smaller & more personal level.)

In the Loop is a fully produced weekly news program that was once broadcast on fridays but in 2009 went completely online with their show heavily incorporating direct feedback and social networking like twitter (, youtube ( facebook ( while simultaneously taking liberties with their formatting and structure; therefore taking full advantage of the versatility of podcasting in web-only community. Long story short, GO CHECK IT OUT!

And as a side note: They recently used some of my feedback as part of the episode so I thought I would share/brag...shrag...brare...whatever. :-D