Universal Sues Grooveshark

Universal Grooveshark Lawsuit of the DayUniversal, the biggest of the “big three” record labels, is suing music streaming service Grooveshark, alleging that the service has uploaded 113,000 tracks that infringe Universal copyrights.

At $150,000 a song, Universal is asking for up to $17 billion. That’s more than 10 times what Grooveshark has raised in funding thus far.

Universal says it has emails and other records that prove Grooveshark employees uploaded copyrighted music to the service themselves, a claim Grooveshark’s lawyers reject.

Grooveshark attorney Marshall Custer says Universal’s case is based around “an anonymous, blatantly false internet blog comment” and a “gross mischaracterization of information that Grooveshark itself provided to Universal.”

The lawsuit doesn’t yet have a court date.