4 Things That Weren't Always This Terrible | Cracked.com

#4. Corporate Rock

Corporate rock is a much maligned genre describing music generated from businessmen instead of artists. So often corporate rock today is just what you'd think it is: half-talent pretty boys and girls backed by producers and marketing.
But in fairness, that's a music mainstay and has always been part of the business.

Specifically, I'm talking about a different kind of corporate rock where music labels create fake bands. Not like the Monkees. More like fake real bands. Bands where only one member is actually signed to a contract and the label creates the appearance of a band by hiring competent musicians all around them. That would be the case with a band like Paramore, which is basically Hayley Williams signed to a deal, fronting musicians just like a real band! And that's the best case scenario of corporate rock today, because Paramore is a totally competent, decent band, even if they're never going to change the world.