‘Re: Sound Bottle’ Will Record the Soundtrack of Your Life

‘Re: Sound Bottle’ Will Record the Soundtrack of Your Life:
Sound Bottle
Before anything else, no, this girl isn’t blowing this bottle dry nor is she talking to it. Rather, she’s actually sort of talking into it, but not in a crazy or weird way at all because it’s actually supposed to be a recorder. And by ‘it’, we mean the ‘Re: Sound Bottle’.
It’s a concept by Jun Fujiwara from Tama Art University and it’s pretty awesome. It’s meant to capture the ‘music’ in our every day lives in a very interesting way. To begin recording, just uncork the bottle and it’ll pick up any sounds, if there are any. These sounds are stored in the bottle’s memory and an audio database is eventually created as more sounds are added. Tracks are then selected to create rhythmic numbers made up of all the individual sounds you’ve saved so far.

When you’re ready to hear the soundtrack of your life, just uncork the bottle, listen, and revel in the memories.
VIA [ This Is Colossal ]