Kaleidoloop Sound Collector: for Wannabe Foley Artists

Kaleidoloop Sound Collector: for Wannabe Foley Artists:
In case you haven’t noticed, everything is a remix. Good artists and inventors stock up on influences and material from other sources. If you’re a musician or if you want to make your own sound effects or if you just want something to listen to when you’re wasted, you can compile sounds wherever you go with the Kaleidoloop.
kaleidoloop sound collector
The Kaleidoloop was invented by Critter & Guitari, maker of the popular Pocket Piano synthesizer. The Kaleidoloop lets you record sounds and then manipulate those sounds on the fly. The sounds are recorded as .wav files on an SD card (the Kaleidoloop comes with a 256MB SD card). It also has a 3W speaker so you can listen and tweak the sounds you recorded on the go.

kaleidoloop sound collector 2 175x175
kaleidoloop sound collector 3 175x175
kaleidoloop sound collector 4 175x175
kaleidoloop sound collector 175x175

Here’s a trippy explanation of the Kaleidoloop:

You can order the Kaleidoloop directly from Critter & Guitari for $299 (USD). I wish they’d come up with a cheaper version; I’ll only use it to record my friends’ favorite expressions and a laugh track so we can pretend we’re in a sitcom.
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