Skube: The & Spotify Radio

Skube: The & Spotify Radio:
If you’re like me, you’ve probably got some tunes playing while you tackle your daily workload. Depending on if you use or Spotify, the Skube might be an interesting way to share your music. It has a lot of retro design appeal, and the skewed cube look is pretty neat.
skube last fm spotify radio retro player
Skube was developed to stream online music, directly from the popular music services Spotify and The music player is supposed to facilitate the decision-making process of picking tracks. Skube has two modes: playlist and discovery. Playlist plays all the tracks on your Skube while discovery looks for similar tracks that will suit your taste. When different Skubes are connected together, they act like one player and shuffle through all playlists.
It’s currently been built into a fully-working prototype that uses an Arduino, Max/MSP and an XBee wireless network. It’s definitely a cool concept and I hope it gets launched into production soon.
skube last fm spotify radio retro player row
skube last fm spotify radio retro player yellow
[via NOTCOT]