Loud TV Commercial Ban of the Day

Loud TV Commercial Ban of the Day The Federal Communications Commission cracked down on commercials that are much louder than actual shows by passing the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act on Tuesday.
The act requires cable and satellite TV providers, as well as local broadcasters, to keep the volume on commercials in check. It was developed in response to a bill passed in Congress last year that called on the FCC to come up with some enforcement mechanism for overly loud advertising.

The FCC has known about the problem for decades.

“I cannot tell you how many hundreds of citizens have told me — personally, through emails and letters, at public hearings, even across the family dinner table — how obnoxiously intrusive they find loud commercials,” said FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps.

Even the people who make commercials are happy about the change.

“We like it better when the public feels good about our ads,” said Dick O’Brien of the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

Unfortunately for TV viewers everywhere, the new measure doesn’t take effect until December 2012.


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