[REPOST] FM Or Bust: Why Student Radio Stations Refuse To Sign Off

Friend & co-hort in the 'fed-up & opinionated member of media' Joshua Kopstein A.K.A. Zen Albatross has taken it upon himself to editorialize upon a recent NY Times article titled "Waning Support for College Radio Sets Off a Debate." Recently he and I conversed over the topic and he came up with this thought piece which begins...

"Since the advent of citizen broadcast, radio has been a technology that embraces the breadth of human experience. Our 21st century internet owes most, if not all of its success to the diverse palette of voices delivered by the 20th century’s ubiquitous radio transmissions. And while getting on the air isn’t as easy these days as, say, starting a blog, radio broadcast still provides an invaluable outlet for diversity and training for the media professionals of tomorrow — an outlet which, amidst budgetary cutbacks and bureaucracy, is quickly going the way of the telegraph."...

Follow along to read the rest of Zen Albatross' article via Motherboard.tv


Joshua Kopstein (Zen Albatross) is a Chipmusician artist and journalist from Brooklyn, NY who likes to write about art, airships, bleeps, bloops and other swell things.

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