Sounds & Recordings

Being a big of an audiophile myself I could not resist sharing with this little gem of a find. It's a diverse collection of various recordings that otherwise would probably have never popped into your little earholes. Ranging from the first EVER made recordings. Period. All the way up to what we as sentient beings have been able to collect from our current deepest reaches into outer space (sounds of Jupiter... my personal favorite in this collection.)

I hope everyone can really learn to appreciate the subtle nuances of something like this... I mean... I have experimented with audio based projects for ages. In college I did the traditional: live music, radio drama, film soundscaping, etc... Extracurricular projects included the YES nerdy and weird but otherwise fascinating prospect of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) AKA recording ghosts. Hopefully I'll get a chance to share some of these items with you just because I have learned not only to appreciate but legitimately love the powerful implications that comes with audio based recordings. That would be a great topic for the podcast (if I can ever find the time to get that up and running again :-\): A formal discussion of the rhetoric of sound. Any interested takers for a Skype-cast in the near future? Talk to you then... for now enjoy the 10 Most Bizarre Sounds You'd Not Have Heard Before