Let Me Tell You About My Night...

so tonight (Saturday, Jan. 31) i was feeling increasingly agitated over several things (big surprise right?) and decided i really wanted to get out. luckily i have a good friend like trish to accompany me for sitting, venting and coffee clubhouse meetings. i felt a lot better after that and by this time had come to realize that it was nearing midnight and should probably head out. we hopped our respective trains back, for me involving a transfer from grand central, to the shuttle/7 over to times square to the 1 train which makes all local stops (since the express was down for the weekend) which all in all should have equated a roughly 1 hour trip back to my apt. ok, fine. nyc transit did not agree with this notion however, as they decided to shut down the 7 to times for some reason. excellent. lets tack on another 20 minute walk to the trip at 20 degrees outside.

make it to times square... but what ho! there has been some sort of crime pray-tell, and about a dozen nypd squad cars prevent me from getting to the station. finding an opportunity at a different entrance i make my move. now underground i sit and await the arrival of the 1 train... and wait.... and wait. another 20 minutes or so later she finally pulls in. (i forget how frustrating late night transport can be... my own fault on that one.) now here is where it gets good...* as i enter the train, a young gentle-man with a somewhat besmirching way about him goes to exit and nearly trips while making a snide comment of sorts (none of which i caught the jist of) so as he exits to my left, an older gentlemen to my right springs to his feet and comes at the aforementioned exiting fellow. for those of you playing at home, this leaves me where? thats right, directly in between. the 'left-sir' has now made a quick jump in effort to escape just in time for the doors to close. apparently, i should have taken this as a hint as in the process the older-sir made a wide swing with his right arm while proclaiming his opinion about how it would be proper for the 'left-sir' to perform fellatio.

but i digress, for the important part of this story is not the ideas within the older-sir's head, but what was in his hand ... the hand that narrowly missed my stomach as he lunged for his desired target. now, call me judgemental...but i feel anyone that pockets a pair of scissors as part of their artillery should probably be examined, and that is just was this elderly cavalier held. while taking a breif moment to see if i am bleeding, the fellow proceeds to re-attain his former sitting arrangement. i meanwhile come to realize that i am now trapped within this train with a (excuse my technical terms) fucking whack job. as i try to casually sit and calm down, i take in a dose of music. this leads to me displaying my appreciation for said music by gently tapping my foot. this leads to older gentlemen (now sitting six chairs away from me) to begin eyeing me... this cannot be good. 'hey' he says...'HEY' he exlaims somewhat louder.... i slowly remove my earbuds to respectfully acknowledge my beckoning. i turn to make eye contact and am met with the prose: "...get off the heroine you fucking junkie!" i smile and proceed to continue my previous song, now sans any sort of personal reflection. allegedly, foot tapping is signal for social discourse in crazy-town as my new friend accused another male passenger of being 'a piece of shit garbage fucker' for moving his feet as well.

about 3/4 of the way home he finally exits the train ... and you may be asking yourself: "self; why did bryan not exit the train prior as to avoid any further altercation with an arguably frightening individual" and i would answer you "why this would be because i was mortified of the consequences to indicating that i was in fact upset by his behavior and he has already once chased someone off the train while wielding a concealed weapon, that is why you silly!"

back to the story at hand, as the climax is upon us. i exit the train one station early as it will not be making a stop at my desired station. thats right: 3 trains running on the same line making 'all local stops'...and they skip mine. here is another 10minute walk. fair enough, i could use the opportunity to calm down. i get closer to my apartment and begin to hear sirens... my first though: my building has become re-engulfed with carbon monoxide just as it did while i was sleeping not two weeks ago! but no... i peer down my block to see that the con-edison temporary generators that have been providing us heat for the past two weeks have finally been removed, and the exploded boiler has been replaced! Huzzah! but this still leaves a puzzle at hand: where are the sirens and lights that seem so near? why around the corner, where there has apparently been a shooting!

so after 2+ hours i have traversed the entire 25 or so miles home tonight. oh my, what a night it was! now if you don't mind i am going to snuggle up with a good book, a blanket, and enough booze to permanently disable an entire family. good night. ILNY.<3<3<3>